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Last updated - 07/07/2006

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Mate's Drag Cars

This is MIK-20B before his run at the 2002 supernats.
This car wore the plates TUF- 808 & TUF-13B and launched like a bastard.
Tony's new project in the making. This car now wears the GAS-808 plates.
Series 4 13B with huuuuge turbo, intercooler, nine inches of love, tubbed and on the methanol.
Peak a friggin BOO!

                                    Tony at the 2001 Jamboree ------->
This is Tony's old 808 coupe that ran the GAS-808 plates. Series 4 with big turbo, intercooler, 9 inch and slicks. Ran a 10.7 best ET.

The car was then sold to a friend who painted the car orange with GCG turbo sponsorship on it.