Old Rotor Performance!

Last updated - 07/07/2006

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Old Rotor Performance!

Last updated - 07/07/2006

Thanks for coming to check out my site. It is dedicated to all things rotary because nothing beats the ultimate power and sound of a rotor that you played a major part in building. Although I still appreciate a good piston motor, I feel sorry for all those Alfa owners who still haven't yet realised what a real car is !!!!

Check out the photo pages to see heaps of pictures of my RX3 & RX7 Mate's Rotors- See Rotors that belong to friends

Photo Page - Burnout Pics of RX3 and RX7
Photo Page 2 - Pics of Tonys Race cars
Photo page 3 - Pics of my RX3 and RX7

After you check out my site also check out mik20bracing.50megs.com.

WANTED! Strong Diff to suit RX3. 9" or Borg Warner. Email me using link on Contacts Page